Holy Dreadlocks

The relationship you have with Jesus, that Spirit working in you to become a better person, the Kingdom life living and breathing in you, that’s where salvation lies. This being said though, there are choices we make and actions we take that can put our relationship with God in jeopardy. Continue reading Holy Dreadlocks

The Loudest Whisper

You are going to face challenges in your life that are too much for you to handle. You are going to face difficulties in your life that are too tough for you to overcome. You are going to face seasons in your life that you won’t have the strength to get through, but that’s ok! You don’t have to be the one to handle them; you don’t have to be the one to overcome; you don’t have to be the one to get through. Strength isn’t your department, it’s God’s! Continue reading The Loudest Whisper

Talking Donkeys

It can be frustrating and discouraging when we hear a no, but we have to trust that whatever His answer is, it is for our ultimate good, as difficult as it may be because whether we understand the details of His no in this life, or in the next, God is always working for our benefit. We may be impressed by talking donkeys, but the greatest miracle in this story is that God loves us enough to get in the way when we’re going the wrong way. Continue reading Talking Donkeys

Get Your Feet Wet

We often want God to do the heavy faith-lifting for us, but it’s not God who needs to strengthen His faith, it’s us! God could easily just do all the work for us. He could easily just speak anything we asked for into existence, but if He were to do that, He would strip us of the opportunity to partner with Him in faith. Continue reading Get Your Feet Wet