The Rejected Ruler

God wants to give you the satisfaction of life you seek, but if you go about looking for fulfillment in things that aren’t from God you may be throwing away your future for something God is already promising you for free. Continue reading The Rejected Ruler


Beware Warm Milk

Even when we are faithless, unsure, or too afraid to step out in faith God doesn’t give up on us. He’ll keep calling us, and proving His faithfulness until we build up the courage to finally step out in faith trusting that God will do all and more of what He’s promised. The Level of your Legacy will be determined by your Courage to your Calling. Continue reading Beware Warm Milk

Holy Dreadlocks

The relationship you have with Jesus, that Spirit working in you to become a better person, the Kingdom life living and breathing in you, that’s where salvation lies. This being said though, there are choices we make and actions we take that can put our relationship with God in jeopardy. Continue reading Holy Dreadlocks